Steps For Writing A Book Obtained From Actual Writers Who Wrote Bestsellers

Some of you believe they know how to write a book, others believe they will never manage to complete this task. Regardless of which type you are, with these steps, you can and you will write a successful book. They are designed and used by actual writers, so we can see their full potential straight away.

  1. Start with a single sentence which is the main idea

    If you want to know how to write a book and become an actual writer, you will need the main idea. It is one sentence that should be prolonged into a paragraph. After that, write one page which is still the main idea. Create a table of content and begin writing.

    Always divide the main idea into three segments, the beginning, the middle, and the end. If you want more segments, you will get lost and your book won’t be a desirable content to read.

  2. Always set a daily word count

    All writers have a daily word count they must write. It can be just one page which is usually 300 words long. You can write more or less, it is up to you. The key element here is to write every single day. This makes you stay in touch with the main idea and the elements of the book and will guarantee your success.

    In addition, I recommend you to write in the same place. This is important due to the fact you will feel connected to the book you are writing and you will be able to stay focused on the 3 segments I mentioned above.

  3. Choose the length of the book

    At first, it may sound complicated to set the book-length, therefore this is the third step instead of the first. There are several options. White papers are up to 10.000 words long and they require 60 minutes to be read. Short books are 20.000 words and they can be read between 1 and 2 hours. Between 40.000 and 60.000 words is a classic book that will require 3-4 hours to be read.

    The longest book is generally around 100.000 words long and it is an epic novel. It requires 6-8 hours to be read. Choose only if you are writing an academic paper or biography. Most of you should start with a 40.000-word count. These books don’t require a lot of time yet they are reasonably long.

  4. Get feedback as soon as possible

    People who know how to write a book also know that early feedback is extremely important. The secret is in the fact you will be able to rework some parts and correct possible issues. If you don’t get early feedback, you are at a higher risk of having to rewrite the entire book. This is the biggest problem for all writers and it must be avoided.

    Don’t think that the early feedback must be provided by the editors only. Your family and friends can give you feedback. Never ignore it and always correct possible issues.

  5. Finish the book with a possibility of a sequel

    You may believe that this is the wrong thing to do. After all, you want to complete the book as soon as possible. Just keep in mind that you learned how to write a book a few minutes ago. The reason why you need this type of ending is simple. If your book is successful, you will want to write a sequel. It also has a positive effect on the readers, because they want to continue reading after they are done.

    One thing that should be included in the fact you won’t know when the book is really ended. Almost all writers don’t know this and it isn’t a big deal. Just end it when you think the time is right.


Let’s assume you know how to write a book now. What is your next step? It is the writing itself. Start writing as soon as possible and enjoy as much as you can. Writing a book should be an appealing and interesting journey and not a task you must complete. Don’t forget that you are the main character in your book!